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k3b: CD/DVD burning application for KDE

Name:k3b Vendor:Harvey Mudd College, Department of Mathematics
Version:0.11.12 License:GPL
Release:2 URL:
K3b provides a comfortable user interface to perform most CD/DVD burning tasks. While the experienced user can take influence in all steps of the burning process the beginner may find comfort in the automatic settings and the reasonable k3b defaults which allow a quick start.

Arch: x86_64

Build Date:Mon Aug 29 15:18:50 2005
Packager:Claire Connelly <cmc{%}math{*}hmc{*}edu>
Size:14.12 MiB


* Fri Jun 25 21:00:00 2004 Bill Nottingham <notting{%}redhat{*}com> 0:0.11.12-2
- update to 0.11.12
* Mon Jun 21 21:00:00 2004 Than Ngo <than{%}redhat{*}com> 0:0.11.11-1
- update to 0.11.11
- add prereq:/sbin/ldconfig
* Tue Jun 15 21:00:00 2004 Elliot Lee <sopwith{%}redhat{*}com>
- rebuilt

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