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lesstif-devel: Static library and header files for LessTif/Motif development.

Name:lesstif-devel Vendor:Harvey Mudd College, Department of Mathematics
Version:0.93.36 License:LGPL
Release:6.FC3.2 URL:
Lesstif-devel contains the lesstif static library and header files required to develop Motif-1.2-based applications using LessTif. If you want to develop LessTif applications, you'll need to install lesstif-devel along with lesstif.

Arch: x86_64

Build Date:Mon Aug 29 16:23:52 2005
Packager:Claire Connelly <cmc{%}math{*}hmc{*}edu>
Size:2.94 MiB


* Fri May 6 21:00:00 2005 Thomas Woerner <twoerner{%}redhat{*}com> 0.93-36-6.FC3.2
- fixed possible libXpm overflows (#151640)
- allow to write XPM files with absolute path names again (#140815)
* Fri Nov 26 20:00:00 2004 Thomas Woerner <twoerner{%}redhat{*}com> 0.93.36-6.FC3.1
- fixed CAN-2004-0687 (integer overflows) and CAN-2004-0688 (stack overflows)
  in embedded Xpm library (#135080)
- latest Xpm patches: CAN-2004-0914 (#135081)
* Tue Jun 15 21:00:00 2004 Elliot Lee <sopwith{%}redhat{*}com>
- rebuilt

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