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yum-utils: Utilities based around the yum package manager

Name:yum-utils Vendor:Harvey Mudd College, Department of Mathematics
Version:0.2 License:GPL
Release:1 URL:
yum-utils is a collection of utilities and examples for the yum package manager. It includes utilities by different authors that make yum easier and more powerful to use.

Arch: noarch

Build Date:Mon Aug 29 17:03:05 2005
Packager:Claire Connelly <cmc{%}math{*}hmc{*}edu>
Size:53 KiB


* Wed Jun 1 21:00:00 2005 Seth Vidal <skvidal{%}phy{*}duke{*}edu>
- 0.2
* Mon May 23 21:00:00 2005 Panu Matilainen <pmatilai{%}laiskiainen{*}org>
- add yum-updateboot subpackage
* Mon May 16 21:00:00 2005 Gijs Hollestelle <gijs{%}gewis{*}nl>
- first version based on the mock spec file

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