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perl-Email-Address: Email-Address - RFC 2822 Address Parsing

Name:perl-Email-Address Vendor:Casey West <casey{%}geeknest{*}com>
Version:1.887 License:Artistic
Release:1 URL:
This class implements a regex-based RFC 2822 parser that locates email addresses in strings and returns a list of "Email::Address" objects found. Alternatley you may construct objects manually. The goal of this software is to be correct, and very very fast.

Arch: noarch

Build Date:Thu May 3 15:25:46 2007
Packager:Arix International <cpan2rpm{%}arix{*}com>
Size:115 KiB


* Thu May 3 21:00:00 2007
- Initial build.

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