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perl-Sys-Lastlog: Sys-Lastlog - Provide a moderately Object Oreiented Interface to lastlog

Name:perl-Sys-Lastlog Vendor:A. U. Thor <a{*}u{*}thor{%}a{*}galaxy{*}far{*}far{*}away>
Version:1.2 License:Artistic
Release:1 URL:
The lastlog file provided on most Unix-like systems stores information about when each user on the system last logged in. The file is sequential and indexed on the UID (that is to say a user with UID 500 will have the 500th record in the file). Most systems do not provide a C API to access this file and programs such as 'lastlog' will provide their own methods of doing this. This module provides an Object Oriented Perl API to access this file in order that programs like 'lastlog' can written in Perl (for example the 'plastlog' program in this distribution) or that programs can determine a users last login for their own purposes. The module provides three methods for accessing lastlog sequentially, by UID or by login name. Each method returns an object of type Sys::Lastlog::Entry that itself provides methods for accessing the information for each record.

Arch: i386

Build Date:Mon Dec 8 16:04:28 2003
Packager:Arix International <cpan2rpm{%}arix{*}com>
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* Mon Dec 8 20:00:00 2003 apache@beowulf
- Initial build.

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