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perl-Tk-debuginfo: Debug information for package perl-Tk

Name:perl-Tk-debuginfo Vendor:
Version:800.024 License:Perl
Release:2 URL:
This package provides debug information for package perl-Tk. Debug information is useful when developing applications that use this package or when debugging this package.

Arch: i386

Build Date:Wed Aug 13 11:47:59 2003
Size:5.37 MiB


* Thu Jan 9 20:00:00 2003 Ian Macdonald <ian{%}caliban{*}org>
- make the shebang line of all scripts point to Perl
- don't generate troublesome perl(Tk) dependencies
- rename to Perl-Tk
* Sat Aug 3 21:00:00 2002 Claudio Matsuoka <claudio{%}conectiva{*}com>
+ perl-tk-800.024-1cl
- new upstream release (closes: #5896)
- fixed source url
- specfile cleanup
* Fri Jul 19 21:00:00 2002 Claudio Matsuoka <claudio{%}conectiva{*}com>
+ perl-tk-800.022-10cl
- package name converted to lowercase

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