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perl-Unicode-String: Unicode-String - String of Unicode characters (UTF-16BE)

Version:2.09 License:Artistic
Release:1 URL:
A "Unicode::String" object represents a sequence of Unicode characters. Methods are provided to convert between various external formats (encodings) and "Unicode::String" objects, and methods are provided for common string manipulations. The functions utf32be(), utf32le(), utf16be(), utf16le(), utf8(), utf7(), latin1(), uhex(), uchr() can be imported from the "Unicode::String" module and will work as constructors initializing strings of the corresponding encoding. The "Unicode::String" objects overload various operators, which means that they in most cases can be treated like plain strings. Internally a "Unicode::String" object is represented by a string of 2 byte numbers in network byte order (big-endian). This representation is not visible by the API provided, but it might be useful to know in order to predict the efficiency of the provided methods.

Arch: i386

Build Date:Thu Sep 14 15:08:11 2006
Packager:Arix International <cpan2rpm{%}arix{*}com>
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* Thu Sep 14 21:00:00 2006
- Initial build.

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