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lam: The LAM (Local Area Multicomputer) programming environment.

Name:lam Vendor:Harvey Mudd College, Department of Mathematics
Version:7.1.1 License:BSD
Release:1 URL:
LAM (Local Area Multicomputer) is an Message-Passing Interface (MPI) programming environment and development system for heterogeneous computers on a network. With LAM/MPI, a dedicated cluster or an existing network computing infrastructure can act as one parallel computer to solve one problem. LAM/MPI is considered to be "cluster friendly" because it offers daemon-based process startup/control as well as fast client-to-client message passing protocols. LAM/MPI can use TCP/IP and/or shared memory for message passing (different RPMs are supplied for this -- see the main LAM website at for details).< LAM features a full implementation of MPI version 1 (with the exception that LAM does not support cancelling of sends), and much of version 2. Compliant applications are source code portable between LAM and any other implementation of MPI. In addition to meeting the standard, LAM/MPI offers extensive monitoring capabilities to support debugging. Monitoring happens on two levels: On one level, LAM/MPI has the hooks to allow a snapshot of a process and message status to be taken at any time during an application run. The status includes all aspects of synchronization plus datatype map/signature, communicator group membership and message contents (see the XMPI application on the main LAM website). On the second level, the MPI library can produce a cumulative record of communication, which can be visualized either at runtime or post-mortem.

Arch: x86_64

Build Date:Fri Jan 26 11:21:56 2007
Packager:Claire Connelly <cmc{%}math{*}hmc{*}edu>
Size:9.27 MiB


* Tue Feb 1 20:00:00 2005 Jason Vas Dias <jvdias{%}redhat{*}com>
- Upgraded to version 7.1.1 ; fixed bug 126824 .
* Tue Jun 15 21:00:00 2004 Elliot Lee <sopwith{%}redhat{*}com>
- rebuilt
* Thu Jun 10 21:00:00 2004 Lon Hohberger <lhh{%}redhat{*}com> 7.0.6-2
- Build for correct libaio deps.

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