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python-setuptools: Download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages

Name:python-setuptools Vendor:Harvey Mudd College, Department of Mathematics
Version:0.6c7 License:Python or ZPLv2.0
Release:1.el5.hmcmath URL:
setuptools is a collection of enhancements to the Python distutils that allow you to more easily build and distribute Python packages, especially ones that have dependencies on other packages.

Arch: noarch

Build Date:Mon Nov 5 16:18:29 2007
Packager:Claire Connelly <cmc{%}math{*}hmc{*}edu>
Size:1.62 MiB


* Fri Sep 14 21:00:00 2007 Konstantin Ryabitsev <icon{%}fedoraproject{*}org> - 0.6c7-1
- Upstream 0.6c7
- Provide python-setuptools-devel to make packagers' lives easier
* Sun Jun 10 21:00:00 2007 Konstantin Ryabitsev <icon{%}fedoraproject{*}org> - 0.6c6-1
- Upstream 0.6c6
- Require python-devel (#240707)
* Sun Jan 28 20:00:00 2007 Konstantin Ryabitsev <icon{%}fedoraproject{*}org> - 0.6c5-1
- Upstream 0.6c5 (known bugs, but the promised 0.6c6 is taking too long)

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